Best Reporter (TV/Radio Division)

Cordell Whitlock

If there's a utility player in local television news, it's got to be KSDK's Cordell Whitlock. Whether reporting live from a hailstorm in Granite City or just leaning over the desk to breathlessly deliver us the news as the station's primary fill-in anchor, Whitlock covers all the bases. In just seven years in St. Louis, the broadcaster's name already rises to the ranks of such legendary local newsies such as Dick Ford, Larry Conners and Karen Foss. Unlike the others, chances are we won't grow old with Whitlock. With his skills and impressive grooming—he grew up idolizing his real-life godfather, 60 Minutes' Ed Bradley—it's just a matter of time before he's swept away to a bigger market and we're left flipping the channels for the next best thing.
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