Best Reporter (TV/Radio Division)

Tom Ackerman
KMOX (AM 1120)

At roughly 3 p.m., a time when most broadcast personalities are preening, schmoozing or having fully developed stories fed to them by hapless lackeys, KMOX (AM 1120) workhorse Tom Ackerman can most often be found in the bowels of Busch Stadium, trying to coax journalistic gold out of a cliché-happy batch of Cardinals. After the game, Ackerman patiently fields calls and cobbles together his day's reportage in an attempt to placate an always rabid Redbird Nation. While credit for the Mighty Mo's vaunted sports coverage is inevitably heaped on so-called stars like Post-Dispatch moonlighter Bernie Miklasz and Mike "First Names Only" Shannon, it is the mild-mannered, always insightful Ackerman who is the department's rudder. In essence, he plays Adam Timmerman to Miklasz and Shannon's Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk. Without the St. Louis native and Indiana University alum (yep, Ackerman is a Hoosier and interned at KSHE to brandish those creds), they'd be left uncomfortably exposed.
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