Best Reporter (Radio Division)

Andy Strickland

Is there a more mundane media gig than St. Louis Blues beat reporter? In a typical year, no: Blues have slightly better than mediocre season, make playoffs, lose, fail to bring in impact player in off-season, repeat. That's been the upshot for a quarter-century and running. But this past year the Blues did bring in an impact player, and his name was Mike Danton. Merely serviceable on the ice, it's what the greasy-haired Danton did off it -- namely, plot to kill his overbearing agent, David Frost, in a clumsy murder-for-hire scheme right out of Columbo -- that gave Strickland the story of a lifetime. Overnight Strickland, who gets along famously with the homicidal defenseman off the ice, became Danton and Frost's go-to guy for interviews, jailhouse scoops and statements, leaving local and national media outlets scrambling for scraps in his wake. "I feel like I'm just doing my job," says the preternaturally pleasant 27-year-old St. Louis native and ex-Northern Arizona University Lumberjacks right wing. And how.
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