Best Reporter (Newspaper Division)

Diane Toroian Keaggy

Diane Toroian Keaggy is a features reporter in the best sense of the term. She doesn't cover what the old hacks call "real news" but instead deals in the lighter side of life. Oh, she could probably tackle the heavy stuff — check out how she takes your typical Mother's Day newspaper story to the zoo and reveals the savage and tender world of fennec fox motherhood — but Keaggy is at her best when she's enjoying herself. Or as she described herself in her story about the local blog What High School Should We Call Me? "I embrace all things that could be described as 'hipster' or, for that matter 'nonsense.'" That sense of whimsy leads her into delightful corners of the world, such as a plan for eating a different sandwich every day (many of them with recipes) and an extensive interview with Paul Levesque, better known as pro-wrestling superstar Triple H, in which Mr. H reveals that the man-monster Kane is a speed-reading political junkie. Is any of this information essential? Absolutely none of it is — but it's entertaining as all get-out, and some days that's far more valuable than an inverted pyramid about the latest violent crime.

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