Best Reporter (Newspaper Division)

Susannah Cahalan

Susannah Cahalan wasn't your average aspiring journalist when she snagged her ticket on the Fame Express on the pages of the January 21, 2007, New York Post underneath the headline "I Am Still Too Scared to Tell My Mom and Dad, Kidnap' Creep Admits." The then-Washington University senior had previously scored bylines in the Post and the New York Times when she scooped the entire nation by scoring two exclusive interviews with alleged Kirkwood kidnapper/perv Michael Devlin. Devlin's attorneys proceeded to demonize Cahalan, claiming she acquired access to their client under false pretenses, but the Post staunchly defended its cub freelancer, providing a meta-narrative that made national headlines for several days. Cahalan herself refused to talk to the press — an ironic denouement to one of the winter's most climactic media stories.
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