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2755 Chippewa

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As one of several prominent corner properties under construction along a stretch of Chippewa Street between Jefferson Avenue on the east and Compton Avenue on the west, 2755 Chippewa has become the first completed project of a goodly batch.

"This was much more of an extensive renovation than we originally planned," says developer Jason Deem of South Side Spaces. "We ended up re-engineering and rebuilding the entire interior structure from the ground up."

The end result is the arrival of four rent-capped affordable apartments, three market-rate apartments and four commercial storefronts. Also arriving: just a hint of mystery.

"There's also some interesting history on the building, which seemed to be a haven for illegal activity. The neighbors refer to it as Cheater's Palace," Deem says. "I'm not sure if that's because it was allegedly filled with prostitutes (via many stories from neighbors and people driving by), or because there was a scheme to defraud the lottery that operated out of there, or if that was the actual name of a bar that was there. Maybe all of the above?"

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