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The live entertainment industry may have ground to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that’s not going to stop musicians from making music — thank fucking god. And while we’re giving thanks, we should spare some gratitude for the recording studios that help get that new music to our ears. In this specific case, we’re grateful for Firebrand Recording and its magician behind the control panel, Brian Scheffer. Nestled in an industrial park in Maryland Heights, Scheffer has assembled an utterly gobsmacking array of equipment that would make any musician who is serious about their craft drool a puddle large enough to endanger said equipment. And it’s not just the recording gear itself; Firebrand also has an array of top-notch guitars and drums and amplifiers and the like available for use by those who are laying down tracks — meaning even the best garage band with the worst gear can walk in empty-handed and lay down a stellar recording using only what’s on hand. (But don’t get any big ideas, gear thieves: In addition to its state-of-the-art security system, Firebrand is also protected by its studio dog, Roscoe, who will eat you alive just for a well-deserved snack.) All that would be for naught, though, if not for the skill of Scheffer himself, a master engineer with an ear for detail and the patience of a saint. In all, it’s why Firebrand has become the go-to spot for many of St. Louis’ best bands — celebrated metal act The Lion’s Daughter even laid down some tracks during this hell summer, under the watchful eye of a naked Lita Ford on a poster they brought from home. Firebrand’s got great gear, sure, but sometimes you just need that personal touch. — Daniel Hill

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