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Firebrand Recording

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It seems like every band in St. Louis has logged hours at Firebrand Recording near Westport Plaza. Hidden away in an industrial area, this is a popular place to record anything from albums to audiobooks to podcasts. Since Brian Scheffer opened the studio's doors in 2006, Firebrand Recording has built a strong reputation as being the affordable-yet-professional go-to studio spot in town.

From established musicians who need to record a commercial bit to young bands that crawled straight out of a basement practice space, this top-of-the-line studio has everyone covered. One day the studio might host Richard Fortus from Guns N' Roses, and the next it could be local heavyweights like Fister. You never know what you'll find in this studio. Firebrand even has an in-house studio dog, Roscoe, who will help you make your recording extra special. Roscoe is by all accounts a very, very good boy.

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