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Vintage Vinyl

Give yourself an hour sometime at Vintage Vinyl. Browse. Run your fingers down a row of yellow plastic tiles, each scribbled with a band name. Contemplate the minute accidents, the forced association of alphabetical order that will forever link The The and They Might Be Giants. Slip on the headphones at each listening station. Sample each CD, if only for a moment. Marvel at the depth, the breadth of music you can find here. The reggae section without match, the amusing tough calls in the punk section. Pay close attention to the employee album recommendations. Now take the armload of CDs that you've gathered to the register to be rung up (and judged). Snag a couple of hard-to-find music mags. Is Vintage Vinyl the best record store in town? Don't ask stupid questions. (Vintage Vinyl also has an east-side location at 3214 Nameoki Road in Granite City, 618-452-1926.)
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