Best Recipe for Insulin Shock

Straub's English Tea Cookie Brownies

Even before everyone started fretting about the hidden calories in jolts of java, we were conscientious when purchasing our daily fix: nonfat milk in our coffee, no whipped cream on mochas, and absolutely no biscotti tacked on to our order—ever. But the ascetic lifestyle goes out the window every time we're in shouting distance of Straub's English Tea cookie brownies. Each cookie brownie (brownkie?) is the size of two postage stamps and possesses the chewy consistency of thick fudge. Satisfying enough on its own to function as a decadent mini-dessert, but not too overbearing to serve as a sidecar to tea. Throw in the fact that each morsel of heaven costs only a quarter, and this is a dietary deadly sin we happily commit again and again.
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