Best Reason to Look Forward to Winter

El Monstero at the Pageant

What's better than one reason to look forward to winter? How about six? Indeed, the six best reasons to look forward to the beginning of the frigid season in St. Louis involve extravagant sets, pole dancing and sold-out shows. The premiere Pink Floyd tribute band and spectacle specialists, El Monstero ( plays six nights at the Pageant every December, making any cold-suffering music lover warm enough to get through till spring. Until this past summer's show at Jefferson Barracks Park, the December run was the only chance to see this hard-working band in St. Louis, and the more intimate performances at the Delmar Loop institution are still the best way to take in the Monster. Every year, devoted fans enthusiastically make holiday plans around the sold-out series, and new groupies are converted. The sets may change and the surprises get bigger, but the spot-on tribute to the iconic rock band remains a winter holiday tradition.

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