Best Reason to Look Forward to Winter

The Saint Louis Zoo

We're really spoiled in St. Louis. One example: Try going to San Diego some weekend and taking in their zoo. Sure, it's a world-class institution, and half the staff has been on The Tonight Show at one point or another, but it's also going to cost you a few hundred dollars to take the family on a one-day pass that doesn't even include all the good stuff. Meanwhile, our own zoological treasure is free to the public every single day of the year. And there's no better time to appreciate the best our zoo has to offer than when the weather turns cold. The scenery is beautiful, the animals are generally much more active than in the heat of summer, and if there's a better opportunity for public snuggling with our partner, we have yet to find it. Sure, going to the zoo is traditionally thought of as a classic warm-weather outing, but like revenge and leftover pizza, it's actually much better enjoyed cold.

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