Best Reason to Look Forward to Summer

Free shows in Forest Park

It's easy to get classy for less cash in the summertime, with a bevy of free shows in Forest Park. For instance, scientific studies have shown that drinking wine, eating cheese and watching Shakespeare under the stars multiplies your intellectuality by a factor of ten. That's like tweed-jacket-with-elbow-pads cultured. Meanwhile, the musicals at the Muny showcase a full pit orchestra and nationally renowned actors, singers and dancers, all for the low price of nothing, as long as you're willing to sit in the upper deck. Across the park in front of the art and history museums, musical acts from Motown bands to symphonic ensembles to zydeco groups rock the nights away, or do whatever it is that symphonic orchestras do. (Maybe, "lushly render nuanced and carefully arranged soundscapes" the night away?) It's enough to keep us longing for summer all year long.

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