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Crispin Hellion Glover

Reading is a fundamental skill; most of us can do it with some degree of proficiency. (If you made it this far, you're golden.) But reading your own work aloud with enough verve to keep an audience hooked on every syllable—that's an art. And Crispin Glover is an artist. In town for a screening of his film What Is It?, Glover opened the evening with an hourlong reading of excerpts from several of his disturbingly beautiful books, including Rat Catching and What it is, and how it is done. Dapper in suit and tie, the author imbued his strange allegories with a palpable sense of drama despite being burdened by a voice ravaged by too many such readings in too short a time. While the Moore Auditorium's projector flashed whole pages of his illustrated texts on the screen, Glover shouted and whispered, purred and growled his way across the stage, utilizing his thespian prowess to transform these snippets of books into a tightly woven performance that kept the capacity crowd enraptured. It was a unique synthesis of an actor immersing himself in a role and an author breathing life into his prose that proved transcendent storytelling is as much incantation as it is recitation.
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