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River Styx at Duff's

Since 1975 poetry has had a home in St. Louis. The gorgeous magazine River Styx comes out three times a year, stuffed with art, poetry, essays and fiction. Truly a big deal in the poetry world, it's featured Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners and earned a great reputation all over the country. And it's at Duff's, the cozy brick-walled restaurant/bar in the Central West End, that the River Styx reading series takes place. At 7:30 p.m. on the third Monday of every month, national heavy hitters and local wordsmiths alike come together to share their works with their adoring (or at least curious) public. Admission is normally $5, but in the summer months, it drops to $3 as the series spotlights "Hungry Young Poets," with each evening featuring a half-dozen poets you may not have heard of yet, but you'll probably be bragging about later.

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