Best Reading Series

Left Bank Books

This one's a gimme. The only reading series in town that consistently brings interesting authors to our burg is the endless round of events at Left Bank Books. Going to Left Bank means communing with apoplectic obsessives such as Michael Light, author of Full Moon, who turned NASA's archive of lunar photographs into a life-changing coffee-table book. It means trading quips with Calvin Trillin and cooking tips with Anthony "Kitchen Confidential" Bourdain. It means learning firsthand what an arrogant mother Garrison Keillor is and what a gracious man Mark "Blackhawk Down" Bowden is. The Left Bank readings put you in touch with the talented and famous, nearly always for free. The only problem? The store's too small for a reading by the likes of Antiques Roadshow furniture experts and twin brothers Leslie and Leigh Keno -- on a night like the one when these guys did their shtick, it's easy to wish that Left Bank had more than a tiny patch for 25 or so audience seats.
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