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We're Not Telling

What, you think we're going to spoil it by publishing it in the RFT? Nope, we're not telling you. You're going to have to find out for yourself. But let's just say that it's in the city itself -- not in the Lemp Brewery, last year's unawarded winner (here's hoping they'll reconsider their current no-rave policy) -- and has such a unique character that it'd be hard to top. Its three separate buildings, side by side, makes it easy to offer more than one sound system simultaneously; the buildings' design is such that they can be opened at both front and back for maximum airflow, and, more important, the place gives off a renegade vibe that only the best sites can (read: it's not in an expo center or a roller rink). It was host to one of the best parties of this year, Planet in Motion, and though its luster has begun to wear (as is the case with most good sites, parties inevitably end up there nearly every weekend), it's a testament to the vision and the ingenuity of the best rave promoters. There are "safer" sites; there are cleaner sites. But there is no better place for a party than here.
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