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To call Teresajenee an R&B artist is somewhat of a misnomer — after all, the pint-size Walnut Park native is much more than a purveyor of honeyed slow jams, and she's worked with some of the city's best underground hip-hop artists. But like any good R&B singer, her sense of phrasing is absolutely impeccable, and her emphasis is always on getting the best possible vocal tones for the song. That's evident on her debut full-length, The Ecklectic, an album that reveals her soft-rock and gospel roots while never limiting itself to these genres. Atop gently undulating rhythms and smoothed-over keyboards and piano, Teresajenee emotes like an elegant crooner who's not afraid of having soul and sass — in other words, think the intersection between Lauryn Hill, Angie Stone and Erykah Badu.

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