Best Rams Player

Robert Quinn

"Quinn. F--king Quinn," said Chuck Pagano. The Indianapolis Colts head coach was fuming mad. He had just watched Rams defensive end Robert Quinn smash his golden-boy quarterback into the turf, again, and a mic recorded the frustrated outburst. Pagano was far from the only opposing coach left sputtering in the wake of Quinn's monstrous 2013 season. Quinn's nineteen sacks broke the Rams' all-time team record, and the fourth-year player's highlight reel reveals a man among boys — actually, scratch that: He's more like a man among Muppets. He tosses opposing linemen, speeds past them or crawls on all fours (as against New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees) on the way to the quarterback. If the St. Louis Rams are actually serious about the "Sack City" slogan sticking, we'd like to cast the first mayoral vote for Quinn. F--king Quinn.

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