Best Rams Player

Greg Zuerlein

Greg the Leg? Legatron? Put aside Greg Zuerlein's silly nicknames and recognize the rookie who trotted onto the field in overtime, set himself and launched his inhumanely powerful leg to knock through the game-winning 54-yard field goal against the San Francisco 49ers. In the midst of another depressing, almost-good season, Zuerlein's pristine leg gave us the biggest (and most enjoyable) win, stunning the eventual NFC champs while sporting the Rams' gorgeous throwback uniforms. Yes, the whiners will whine: "But he's a kicker! He was a rookie last year! What about that Miami game? This is Sam Bradford's year!" Shut up, whiners. In the 2012 season it was Zuerlein's insane range that effectively shrunk the field for an offense that could only tease greatness. Zuerlein hit the longest field goal in Rams history (60 yards) to put away the Seahawks, and no player in NFL history attempted more 50-yard field goals than he did as a rookie last season. What it comes down to is that Zuerlein represents what the Rams need to compete in the roughest division in football: the confidence, composure and balls to put down the best teams on the biggest stages.

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