Best Rams Player

Marc Bulger

You still see a lot of Kurt Warner jerseys around town. Way too many. OK, sure, the guy won a Super Bowl, but what's he doing these days? Riding the pine for the freakin' Arizona Cardinals. Meanwhile, Marc Bulger puts up good season after good season. In 2006, he threw for 4,301 yards and 24 touchdowns. He limited his interceptions — once his Achilles heel — to eight. That earned him a passer rating of 92.9, seventh best in the league. Only Peyton Manning and Drew Brees threw for more yards. Can Bulger repeat Warner's remarkable 1999 season and lead the Rams back to the promised land? Dude, have you seen the scrubs who've won Super Bowls since then? Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson — heck, golden boy Ben Roethlisberger gave the worst performance by a Super Bowl quarterback ever. The Rams have a franchise quarterback, a rare thing in the NFL these days. And now that they're paying him a franchise-quarterback salary, they have every reason to surround him with the role players who can help him.
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