Best Rams Player

Isaac Bruce

Ike Bruce doesn't knock up gold-digging barflys, get accused of beating women or hold out for crazy contractual bling. Furthermore, Bruce's wife doesn't call up local sports-radio shows to defend his honor and dispute that of his head coach. Nope, all Ike Bruce does is catch footballs. Lots of 'em. A portrait of pure professionalism, the University of Memphis grad has been a Ram since the team hung its horns in LA, and he made quite a first impression when the squad moved to St. Louis by catching 119 balls for 1,781 yards. Nowadays it's doubtful you could get odds in Vegas on whether Ike Bruce is going to haul in 75 catches for upward of 1,000 yards. He's that steady, and one of the best in the game -- sans the carry-on baggage of some of his better-known teammates.
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