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KSHE 95.5 is the sound of St. Louis. If you're born in the Lou, this classic rock station is as much a part of you as Provel cheese and toasted ravioli. You remember the commercials on television when you were a kid of the KSHE dad ripping his shirt open to Dee Snider of Twisted Sister screaming "I wanna rock!" The songs they played invaded you psyche, and to this day you have a special spot in your heart for AC/DC and Sammy Hagar. Even today, you still trust KSHE to bring you the rock, and you will always rush to get a selfie with KSHE's mascot, Sweetmeat, whenever you see him at Riverport. You love KSHE. And that's fine, because KSHE loves you, too. You both just wanna rock.

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