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KZQZ 1430 AM

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These days, it’s hard to find golden oldies on terrestrial radio. As time marches on, FM stations have shifted their definition of “old” to mean the 1970s and 1980s, making REO Speedwagon and Billy Joel the “oldies” du jour. There’s another world on the AM dial, though­­. One where Elvis Presley, the Supremes and the Everly Brothers still lead a bevy of ’50s and ’60s superstars through your radio waves. With DJs Jukebox Jackie and Foxman, 1430 AM has become the region’s sole station that not only plays songs that put the bomp in the bomp ba­bomp ba­bomp, but also serves up fun oldies trivia and vintage commercials. We dare you to listen without getting the urge to hula-­hoop.
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