Best Radio Station

KWMU (90.7 FM)

In the age of iPods, earthlings are hesitant to surrender control over their music. Genre-specific and "we'll play anything" radio stations alike have lost the power to impose their tastes upon the subordinate public. Listeners in St. Louis are rebelling by turning their dials to 90.7 KWMU. The local NPR affiliate, also known as St. Louis Public Radio, shines most brightly on weekends with Ira Glass' This American Life think pieces and the highjinks of Car Talk and Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! But such weekday programs as All Things Considered and The World are provocative, thoughtful and — despite what the FOX Newsies want you to think about NPR — balanced, with liberal and conservative voices given equal volume. KWMU offers St. Louisans the greatest chance of a meaningful listening experience, no matter how brief their commute.

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