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WARH (106.5 FM "The Arch")

If the Arch (106.5 FM) were a pair of shoes, it would be lovingly worn-in Converse high-tops: shabby but chic, comfortable and familiar. Driven by the motto "It's all about the variety," the station is actually all about comfort-food music, the familiar tunes that conjure memories of proms, make-outs and lazy summer days spent blasting the stereo. Classic rock, new wave, disco, hip-hop, '80s college rock, hair metal, one-hit wonders and modern pop all peacefully rub elbows during the Arch's no-repeat workdays, music-laden morning show and commercial-free Saturday nights. Best of all, unlike the regimented playlists of other mainstream stations, the Arch constantly throws in true curveballs. When's the last time you heard R.E.M.'s sugar-shock "Shiny Happy People" on the radio? A Survivor song that's not "Eye of the Tiger"? Or had the chance to bop around to a guilty-pleasure hit like the Spice Girls' ode to girl power, "Wannabe"?

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