Best Radio Station

WEW (770 AM)

Perennial fave KDHX (88.1 FM) spins a wide swath of musical genres from around the world. But with few exceptions, most of the spinning is performed by middle-aged whiteys for the pleasure of their fellow middle-aged whiteys. Most of the programming on WEW (770 AM), meanwhile, is spun by actual foreign nationals, and the resulting regional sound never feels contrived. "We're pretty much the voice for the Mexicans who live in the area, and the Bosnian community," affirms station manager Rich Vannoy. Italian-, Polish-, German- and Croatian-themed programming gets airtime as well, much of it "brokered" -- i.e., sold in blocks to hosts, who recoup their investment by selling ads. (As a matter of fact, for a mere $150, an hour of programming can be yours!) Radio Revisited, another highlight, brings back old-time radio comedy programs. This stuff doesn't show its age -- and neither does 84-year-old WEW, which bills itself as the second-oldest radio station in the nation.
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