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Quick -- name another radio station in St. Louis that plays Sleater-Kinney, Burning Spear, Emmylou Harris and the Mediaeval Baebes. Or Townes Van Zandt, Susana Baca, James Brown and Muddy Waters. You can't. That's because KDHX (88.1 FM) stands alone in having the most eclectic playlist on the airwaves of our fair city. If you like music, you can't help but love KDHX. And because it's a noncommercial station, there's more of it per hour to love. Has anybody else noticed this when listening to other stations? Them damn commercials is annoying! True, KDHX's DJs may not be the slickest in the world, but they're passionate and knowledgeable about the music they play. Roy St. John, our town's best morning-show host, runs the one wakeup program that gets your brain going without beating you over the head. In addition, KDHX is one station that does more than pay lip service to public affairs, featuring thoughtful programming on issues such as the environment, literature and the local arts scene. Considering it's all brought together thanks to the dedication of volunteers, KDHX is as much a miracle as the Double Helix it's named after.
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