Best Radio Station (Talk)

KWMU (90.7 FM)

In this era of 24-hour news, so much of talk radio is filled with yelling commentators and angry callers. Not over at KWMU (90.7 FM), St. Louis' National Public Radio affiliate. The station has all the thought-provoking NPR shows like All Things Considered, Marketplace and Fresh Air — though we're still pissed that the latter has been moved to nighttime broadcast — as well as St. Louis on the Air every weekday. Our own Bob McCabe retired this summer after almost 25 years, but we still have Don Marsh! And at night you can fall asleep to the sweet sounds of our British cousins; KWMU broadcasts the BBC World Service from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. It's never been easier or more enjoyable to stay informed.

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