Best Radio Sports-Talk Host

Frank Cusumano

Frank Cusumano isn't as well known as some other hosts in town, but he's developed a unique style that makes him stand out in the crowd. Cusamano asks simple, quick questions and demands quick answers. He'll sometimes deal with a complex answer that takes some time, but he really likes to keep the interview moving. It's a mental workout to listen to a Cusumano interview, not to mention what it's like to be in one. You can get more depth out of some other hosts, because they take more time per question, but it's at the cost of a lot of boredom. Just because an answer is slow doesn't always imply that it's deep. And just because it's quick doesn't mean it's facile. Sometimes Cusumano catches his guests off guard, and they blurt out something more real and less calculated than they actually intended to say. And, at the least, the listeners are always, always awake.
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