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Gabriel's Tin Pan Alley

For 25 years Gabriel's Tin Pan Alley on KDHX (88.1 FM) has been providing "listening, dancing and reminiscing pleasure" aplenty to night owls holding onto the last threads of their weekends. Barring bad weather, the Man is there every Monday from midnight to 3 a.m., guiding listeners on a journey through his eccentric mind and music. In terms of the latter, Gabriel famously trades in four styles: blues, gospel ("holy blues," in his vernacular), oldies and country classics. He usually prefaces his selections with tangentially related anecdotes about long-forgotten performers, shout-outs to regular listeners ("Mike the pizza guy" is almost always mentioned) or peculiar ruminations on the sorry state of the world today. Despite his raspy voice and occasionally bleak outlook, Gabriel's show is far from forlorn: The songs and the stories he spins are primarily driven by triumph and hope, with just enough surreal gallows humor mixed in to make it all entertaining. As his prerecorded bumpers so often affirm, Gabriel is undoubtedly the sensational, incomparable and dynamic "King of the Blues and Oldies."

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