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Doug Morgan's The Underworld

KDHX-FM is the very model of innovative radio programming. They play everything from bluegrass to hip-hop to two hours of a cappella on Sunday mornings. (Well, almost everything: They don't have a brutal noise show, but noiseheads never get representation. Our exclusion is our badge of honor.) Despite this small oversight, KDHX is proof that a radio station can succeed with a format so broad it can only be categorized as "Music, all kinds." Because of KDHX's programming depth, there are several shows that could have taken this category, but Doug Morgan gets the nod. Why Doug? His eclectic taste in music best represents the diversity KDHX fosters. He ranges far and wide in his selections, playing old favorites and new releases with a healthy disregard for genre or style. On a recent exhibition -- the show airs from 1-4 p.m. Thursdays -- he showcased the fruity Europop of Caviar, the SoCal skatepunk of Agent Orange, the taut minimalism of Wire, Logan Sanctuary's schlocky sci-fi epic nonsense and the synthetic beats of Future Bible Heroes, then wrapped it all up with the funky R&B of James Tenant. You may not love all of Doug's choices, but you'll never be bored. Can you say that about the show you're listening to now?
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