Best Radio Program After Midnight

The Space Parlour

The music Nick Acquisto cues up on The Space Parlour isn't as cosmic or lounge-y as its title suggests — Acquisto sticks to a steady diet of new releases, college-rock favorites (Ween gets played on almost every show) and the occasional cut from the Who or the Kinks. While the mix is relaxed and informative, Acquisto always champions this city's up-and-coming rock bands by playing their records and promoting their shows. He stepped it up this spring with the "Live in St. Louis" series, which found local bands like Rats and People, Grace Basement and Bravo Company performing live in KDHX's (88.1 FM) studio. The show airs in the Wednesday wee hours, from midnight till 2 a.m., but it's worth staying up late on Tuesday nights to get a quick take on the state of indie rock, past and present, global and local.
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