Best Radio Pitchman

John Carney

KMOX late-night radio personality John Carney is hawking a 2005 cruise to Alaska. The trip can only accommodate a hundred, Carney complains into the microphone, which is really upsetting, because he hates the idea of having to turn anyone away. Despite the fact that you can almost hear his nose growing as he talks, he is so disarming, so naturally amusing, you're almost tempted to sign up. Of course, if you do join Carney in Alaska, don't expect to see much of him. While everyone else is out looking for wildlife or panning for gold, he'll likely be rummaging through thrift shops looking for Hawaiian shirts. Not that everyone appreciates Carney's unique take on life. When he poked fun at Ray Vinson's hair at a gala dinner not so many years ago, the Ross Perot-voiced American Equity Mortgage honcho got the broadcaster suspended from KMOX for a week. Some people got no sense of humor.
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