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The sad thing about this category is that it goes to KMOX (1120 AM) by default. The worse news is that the outlook for real, live news reporters working for radio stations interested in reporting real, live news is dim, very dim. As more and more radio stations abandon any pretense of station-driven reporting and opt to buy sound bites from news services, the idea of a "news station" becomes a peculiarity. At this point, a station may brag about being the only one doing traditional newsgathering, but at some point not too far down the road, that station's ownership may start to wonder why the hell it is the only station doing news and conclude it's too damn expensive and inconvenient. At that point, the last news station may bail on the concept. What will be left are identical news snippets and quotes sold to a variety of stations for them to splice together. But for the time being -- and let's hope that time is long -- KMOX is blessed with a solid news crew featuring Kevin Killeen, Ollie Dowell and Brian Kelly. There was concern that when KMOX general manager Karen Carroll brought in Steve Moore as "program manager" of KMOX, 1120 might drift away from its news roots. Moore had left KTRS shortly after the abortive resurrection of J.C. Corcoran. Moore also presided over the scaling-back of KTRS's news crew, but fortunately the same has not happened at KMOX -- yet. Money does makes the world go around, however, so as long as KMOX treads water with its current ratings, and not too many of its geezer listeners die off, those at the wheel should realize the situation could only get worse if they surrender their news monopoly and join the rest of the chattering class.
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