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In the past year, KDHX has continued its ascendence as one of the best community-radio stations in the country, expanding its palette to encompass not just folk, blues and country but the more youthful fare of punk, pop, acid jazz, psychedelia and electronic music. That it has no competition in town is sad, but that's the way it goes in a country where the publicly owned airwaves are bought and sold as commodities: Greed rules, and the result is blandness. Thank God for KDHX. New additions of note in the past year are proof of its steady rise: the freak-show late-night No Show, which mixes recorded poetry with weird tape experiments and out-there music; Headshop, a stoner-rock new-metal workout; and the best rock show in St. Louis, the always-amazing Afternoon Delight. KDHX still needs to add at least one more jazz show and is missing the boat on beat-based music (though we're very partial to Sovereign Glory), especially considering all the amazing DJs gigging around the city. But these are tiny qualms, and, overall, the station totally rules.
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