Best Radio Gimmick

"'70s, '80s...Whatever We Want"

Since developing critical faculties in your early teens, you haven't liked any radio station; the only musical taste you can abide is your own. That is how it should be. But often comes the time when a group of diverse people must compromise and pick a radio station to listen to -- think family gatherings, the office, moving day, etc. For those times, the decision is simple: 106.5 FM (the Arch) gives St. Louis its first truly populist, everyman radio format. "'70s, '80s..." translates to "every song that made the Top 40 during those decades" -- and that covers an astonishingly broad spectrum. "Whatever We Want" means "late-'60s rock and "alternative' hits of the past ten years." Try not to contract your sphincter if you tune in and hear something you don't like -- when the song's over, the playlist will move off in some erratic direction. Refined musical tastes are sated with private collections; 106.5 is for the congenial, community musical experience. It's the only station that can please all of the people some of the time.
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