Best Punk Venue

The Creepy Crawl

Once upon a 7 p.m. dreary While I pondered, weak and weary Of Hot Topic's popularity at the mall. Presently I slowed my ride And turned my head onto its side And to those gathered near I gave this call Gave them this call and that is all: "Good black-clad persons, would you know Where I might find a punk-rock show? A show that is both heavy and raw?" They all turned and looked at me As at a person who was crazy Then pointed upward and I saw A green awning that read "Creepy Crawl." Read "Creepy Crawl," and that was all. I parked my car in the well-lit lot (And took a tiny hit of pot) Around the corner my ass I did haul. I made my way up to the door. The wait was short; hardly a chore Then I entered the well-flyered hall. Flyers and scrawl; covering every wall! Behind an orange fence I took my place (I wanted no armpits in my face!) There I drank beer until I took a fall. The band onstage did scream and shout, The band onstage rocked the fuck out, And from my sprawl I did enthrall, Avoided a brawl and finally stood tall: "The Creepy Crawl's best punk venue of all! The best of all; now where's the toilet stall?"
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