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The Sinkhole

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Carondelet venue the Sinkhole stands as a monument to the D.I.Y. ethos that drives punk rock. Opened in 2016, the small shotgun-style space has quickly carved out a niche for itself as the home of everything from hardcore punk to garage-rock to metal to experimental music, with no stage to separate showgoer from performer. And now, with the completion of a recording studio in the back of the space and a foray into releasing records, the Sinkhole has become something of a one-stop shop for bands. "The concept of a record label was always part of the concept for the venue," owner Matt Stuttler told RFT back in August. "The band could play here, record here and put out a release." And on top of all that, the audience gets a show in one of the city's most intimate spaces. What more could a young punk ask for?

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