Best Punk Band

Black for a Second

Not enough can be said about this town's hardworking, blue-collar ethos and the impact it has on the music scene. The band Black for a Second is living, breathing, screaming proof. Singer/guitarist Joey Jordan's soulful grit — spiked with humor and despair — pours through his searing vocal delivery, leaving any semblance of pretentiousness behind. As far as Jordan's concerned, those jaded kids in Brooklyn and Silver Lake can keep their hipster pastiche. He'll be sitting on the back of his pickup truck with a Budweiser, writing songs about real shit. Tim Pinkerton's propulsive, precise-as-hell drumming steers you through post-hardcore and punchy punk intersections. And the noodling bass dances around a nervy duo of crunchy Les Pauls. Black for a Second offers a blend of rootsy punk rock that can only be found in the Midwest.

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