Best Punk Band

Doom Town

In less than a year Doom Town has made waves in the punk scene of St. Louis. Rising from the ashes of local sock-hop heroes the Vultures and angular combatants Corbeta Corbata, Doom Town writhes in the filth and fury of south-city degradation. Illustrating their love for the D.I.Y. aesthetic, all four members have played in bands, released zines, put out records and booked shows. The band's self-released six-song handmade cassette demo displays expressions of paranoia, trepidation and an overall acceptance of the cards they've been dealt. The shrieking vocals of St. Louis everywoman Ashley Hohman and the razor-sharp riffery of Ben Smith and Erik Meyer produces a tripwire tension that rises to the beat of drummer Tom Valli. Akin to the likes of Jay Reatard and Swedish punks Masshysteri, Doom Town's brazen sound and unapologetic lyrics romanticize past lives and usher in a new era of hope, where your life is your own to create.

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