Best Punk Band

That's My Daughter

Idealistically speaking, nothing could be more punk than the miscreant, the misfit, the black sheep. Taking their name from an old porn movie and proclaiming "cuntcockdancerock" as their mantra, That's My Daughter ooze rebellious spunk. The trio of guitarist/vocalist Tim Dreste, bassist/vocalist Sara Oberst and drummer/vocalist Lindsay Reber has been tempting crowds to shake their dicks and shake their tits to a Breeders-meets-L7 style of post-grunge punk since 2004. After the recording of the new Virgin Appeal, Cory Hammerstone of the Mega Hurts joined, boosting the band's estrogen level to a 3-1 lead over testosterone. But nitpick about gender or sexuality and be prepared to thrown down: Reber says members have had to retaliate against taunts and even gay bashing for their thrash-out-with-your-gash-out formula for vocal harmonies. Being the redheaded stepchild of the punk scene is not without difficulties, but that only gives That's My Daughter more fuel for their orgy of fires.
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