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Bench Press

Matt Murphy, the public-information officer for the St. Louis Circuit Court, had a few names in mind when he set out last year to start a court newsletter. Court Brief was one title. The Court Reporter and Hearsay was another. But the name that seemed to get the most positive feedback was Bench Press. And rightly so. The double-entendre injects a bit of levity into what could be a stale read: the personnel news of a government agency. But Murphy has a, um, weight to get off his chest. He can't lay claim to coming up with the name of the newsletter. "The Sixteenth Circuit [Jackson County] used to have newsletter called Bench Press," Murphy admits. "I called their PIO and asked if we could use the same name. She didn't have any problem with it." And now the verdict is in, Matt, and you're taking your place among the Best of St. Louis.

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