Best Public Sculpture

"The Way"

Sometimes, size matters. Alexander Lieberman's triumphant fire-engine-red "The Way" sculpture at Laumeier Sculpture Park may be overplayed as an image for magazine and book covers, but to approach it in person is to marvel at something that is, unfailingly, magnificent art writ very large. Walking along the long main drag of lawn behind the indoor gallery spaces, you approach "The Way." Even if you've seen it up close before, you are at least a bit surprised by how huge it still seems. You wonder how they managed to put this 65-by-102-by-100-foot steel monster together, and at the extremes people will go to for art's sake. You walk around it in a circle, noting how different it appears from different angles and, in doing this, notice how far you had to walk to appreciate those differences. You walk under its main central "gate" space, looking up as you pass through this American torii. Are you different, now that you've gone through "The Way"? No? Are you sure?
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