Best Public Restroom

The Budweiser Brewhouse at Ballpark Village

With all the ballyhoo surrounding the long-awaited opening of Ballpark Village, surprisingly little has been made of the bathrooms at the Budweiser Brewhouse. Specifically, the women's: Marked by a girl wearing heels and a swishy skirt, a baseball bat slung casually over her shoulder A League Of Their Own-style, it offers seventeen stalls, four efficient hand dryers and ten sinks. The bathrooms are reliably immaculate and well-stocked, and the game's piped in — so even as nature calls, you aren't missing a single one. And then there are the mirrors, right down the middle, so users washing their hands are facing each other, just one step to the left or right from being face-to-face. At first, it's jarring: A foot either way, and you're not even seeing your reflection. As the night wears on, eventually — inevitably, even — alcohol and judgment set in. "Ugh. She should really do something about that hair," you'll think of the person across from you. And, "Who puts on foundation at a baseball game?" Later on, "They look drunk." And then, horror of horrors, you realize: The mirror in front of you is indeed the right one, the reflection staring back, your own.

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