Best Public Restroom

The Mud House

When you're on the toilet, it's nice to have something to look at other than a smartphone or a magazine. In the restroom of the Mud House on Cherokee Street, look up, down and all around for some hands-free entertainment! Much of the wall space is lined with vintage board games. Sorry! next to Stratego above Monopoly, which is only partially blocked by rolls of toilet paper. The spacious bathroom inside the trendy Benton Park coffee shop is so colorful and stimulating that you'll never want to leave. The ceiling is covered in detailed maps. Dream of travel. Or childhood. The room is filled with goodies. There's usually not much of a wait to get into the bathroom, but on the off chance there is, just sit on the comfy couch right outside and grab a book from the nearby shelf. Or go drink more coffee so you'll have plenty more opportunities to return to the toilet.

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