Best Public Restroom

Venice Cafe

Want to feel like the king of the jungle while you're using the john? Of course you do, and the safari-themed "Explorers Club" at the Venice Café is where you can make that happen. A pair of ceramic lions guard this roomy, bamboo-thatched loo stocked full of curios — antique trunks and model sailboats — to keep the eye busy while you're seated on the throne. Over the sink, a deer mount reminds you to wash your hands before leaving. Venice Café owner Jeff Lockheed says he modeled the upper level of his funky Benton Park establishment after the cigar lounges that once existed around the world for explorers, just off their latest adventure or hunt. The floor is full of taxidermy prizes and vintage posters of encounters with exotic lands and people — all things Lockheed has picked up from friends or flea markets.

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