Best Public Restroom

Third Degree Glass Factory

Can we speak frankly for a moment? We all have to use the restroom from time to time. As much as we don't like to discuss what goes on in there, we still appreciate facilities that make us almost as comfortable as we are when we're at home. If your average portable toilet at a music festival is, say, a one on the lavatory-luxury scale, the setup at the Third Degree Glass Factory is a straight-up, capital-T Ten. When attending an event in this artsy space, be prepared for a magical experience — both at the party and when you have to excuse yourself. The stalls in the ladies' loo are to-the-floor divided with walls covered in iridescent blue tiles, and the individual accordion doors provide plenty of cover. When your business is, ah, finished, be sure to wash your hands. Of course, you should always do that anyway — you know, public health and all — but the washbowls and snakelike faucets are a real highlight. Studio co-founder Jim McKelvey crafted these colorful, artful glass fixtures that make washing your hands feel like an event in itself. Now, that's luxury you don't experience every day!

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