Best Public Restroom


You don't expect much in the way of bathroom cleanliness from a bar where the front doorknob is held in place with duct tape. After a few gasoline-strength drinks, you'll be happy if someone hasn't thrown up on the seat. You might be just a little taken aback, however, when you find that instead of a single toilet or stalls, the graffiti-covered bathroom holds two toilets facing each other, separated by a mere card table. We ladies do like to go to the restroom together. And look: there's an ashtray in the middle of the table — how thoughtful! If you're the first woman through the door, you take the rear seat, where a partial wall affords some privacy. Any modest person would see the throne occupied and wait her turn, right? Wrong. Bladder brimming with Miller High Life, a fellow CBGB woman won't hesitate to plop down across the table. What else can we say? You go, girl.

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