Best Public Restroom

Women's Lounge at Plaza Frontenac

You like to be pampered. (Who doesn't?) In fact, you deserve to be pampered. And never more so than after a morning spent browsing the spendy shops of Plaza Frontenac. But what's to be done? Lunch with the ladies at Canyon Café? An arty flick at Plaza Frontenac Cinema? A massage and facial at Stonewater Spa? No, non and nyet. Instead, hit the restroom. Specifically, the aptly named "Women's Lounge" on the first floor, tucked behind J. Crew near the west end of the mall. (Heaven forfend you confuse this with the restroom on the second floor, which is, pardon our French, a can.) Your first clue that this ain't no ordinary public loo is the extravagant floral arrangement at the entrance. Inside, once your eyes adjust to the soothing lighting, you'll find 1950s-era vanities with padded benches and shaded sconces, vintage floor lamps, art deco-inspired bureaus and velvet-upholstered chairs, not to mention floor-to-ceiling doors on each stall. (Caught-with-his-pants-down Senator Larry Craig would have killed for a setup like this.) Of course, what the restroom giveth, Plaza F taketh away: A revitalizing sojourn in the lounge never fails to prep us to buy, buy, buy.
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